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What is Florida State’s Social Media Strategy?

Social media has the power to form meaningful relationships, share information, raise awareness and enthusiasm, gather support, and generate feedback from our many audiences. As a university we can greatly increase our impact by incorporating social media into our broader missions as well as our individual strategies.

Our Goals

  • Advance and maintain social media efforts in relevant and emerging platforms across all areas of campus.
  • Capitalize on the strengths of social media to enhance the overall brand, vision and mission of Florida State University, as well as those of its individual units, communities and personnel.
  • Work within accepted social media guidelines, best practices and relevant policies.
  • Share best practices among campus entities to educate and maintain the high quality of Florida State’s social media presence.
  • Develop a reputation as a leader in social media in higher education.

Integration is key.

Social Media does not exist in a vacuum, nor is it a strategy in and of itself. Your social media tactics should integrate with your other communications & marketing strategies, as well as your mission and the university’s mission.

The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

We must work as a team to provide a unified and cohesive presence in social media, and take ownership of the university’s voice and brand in everything from content to graphics. We all win when we work together to increase and enhance Florida State’s presence across the social media landscape.

Be a social media leader.

It is important that each of us first understand some basic principles of proper social media use, both in general and as it relates Florida State University. Members of the Florida State Social Media Group put together this handbook to give you a head start and help guide you toward becoming more knowledgeable and effective in your use of social media.