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University Communications


Understanding Our Brand

Why We Need a Brand

Each university has core values and beliefs that guide its overall mission. A distinct and memorable brand is an efficient and effective way to convey those values and beliefs to others.

Discovery of the Florida State brand was a multi-year, collaborative effort involving the input of a multitude of individuals and groups, both inside and outside of the university. This initiative was initially championed by a Brand Development Task Force, which was composed of individuals from the Office of University Communications and the Communicators' Network. University administrators, faculty, alumni and students, as well as other university stakeholders, were then engaged through face-to-face meetings, surveys and focus groups as the brand development process evolved.

Since the brand platform is based on the university’s values and beliefs, it will stay relevant for as long as those attributes remain at the core of the institution.

Creativity & Collaboration

A remarkable thing happened during the brand development process – university-wide collaborations resulted in a creative and inspired outcome. Communicators from across the university -faculty, staff, students and alumni - worked together to discover and declare what is unique about Florida State.

Our university’s brand platform offers the unique combination of sharing inspiring and creative solutions while instilling understanding and connectedness across interdisciplinary pursuits.

This passion for what inspires us as an institution is what will continue to influence the university’s reputation for years to come, allowing our brand to constantly grow in strength and branch out in creativity.

Perhaps Frank Gehry summed up our thoughts about this process best – “I like the idea of collaboration - it pushes you. It's a richer experience...”


Impact and success of the university’s branding initiative will be determined by Florida State achieving certain goals. Among the goals attainable through an integrated approach to marketing and communications are increased levels of unsolicited donations, higher levels of alumni engagement, the continued recruitment and retention of top-tier students and faculty, and an enhanced level of pride in the institution by its various constituencies.


The brand guidelines website contains abundant information designed to educate and help university stakeholders employ Florida State’s brand. The site contains helpful tips, links to other resources, downloadable files and helpful tools such as “style tiles” that make using Florida State’s brand fast and easy.