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Value Proposition

During the initial phase of our brand development process, university stakeholders came together to collaborate on what values they believed mattered most to Florida State. It’s no surprise these values encompassed community, efficiency, engagement, creativity, and other principles that have been upheld by our university for decades.

Several new values were included – reflecting tradition as well as a strategic priorities and university culture.

By defining our values early as an institution, we established authenticity throughout the process.

What We Value


Creativity is not something that is demanded, but rather it is fostered through the culture and character of every organization. At Florida State University, creativity is part of a courageous effort where risk and excellence intersect to provide a continuous thread of originality, imagination and discovery, and we’re fortunate to host numerous creative minds across campus both within and outside of our outstanding programs focused around the arts and research.


Community is found via our shared experiences and our desire to create a better sense of place at Florida State. Our community footprint promotes inclusivity, sustained achievement, and fosters learning and the holistic development of students, faculty and staff. Beyond our university campuses, we constantly seek to be an active contributor in leading and collaborating in opportunities to educate, serve and share with our local communities, state and nation.


Competitiveness is often defined as doing something better. For us, competitiveness isn’t so much about a rivalry as it is about continually striving to improve, innovate and succeed. We value competiveness as the elevation of ourselves to go above and beyond what is expected for every favorable outcome, and we aim to empower our students, faculty, staff and alumni through challenges and successes they may encounter throughout their lives beyond our halls.


We value engagement as an integral, conscious commitment to be involved – taking time to listen and offer opportunities that will enrich our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community through our student-entered environment.


Opportunity is a value that’s shared among past, present, and future Florida State students who consistently seek to advance or progress. Higher education is an opportunity in and of itself, and we’re proud to offer a diverse range of means and discovery for students, faculty and staff to advance themselves throughout their college careers, profession, research, service, leadership and lifetime.


As one of the nation’s best public institutions, we value preeminence in ensuring that we uphold the public’s trust in our quality and innovation via research, creative activities, teaching and service. Awards, retention rates, and rankings are just a few ways to express our value and impact statewide, across the nation, and internationally. We are honored to serve as an exemplar for the state of Florida and committed to continue to represent the top universities in the state and nation.


Though these values have always been essential to our practice, resourcefulness and efficiency have become increasingly prominent as a result of our nation’s fiscal struggles in recent years. We’re thrilled to top the U.S. News & World Report’s list of the most efficient national universities, and we’re forever striving to continue our excellence. We have always sought opportunities to impact efficiencies to best serve our students as an institution, and we will continue to do so for years to come.


“Uphold the garnet and gold” best expresses our collective thoughts when discussing respect. Our students, faculty, and staff are held to a higher standard in regards to academics, sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and helping one another. Through our actions and thoughts, we exemplify authenticity, genuineness and true kindness toward one another and the community and work of our university. We hope every graduate and employee is not simply recognized as a Florida State Seminole via a diploma, resume or job title but by his or her demeanor and consideration of others.