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FAQ: Process

What was the process for developing the brand concept?

The brand concept was developed through a multi-phase process focused on stakeholder interaction and input. In the initial phase, groups of university marketing and communications professionals participated in the development of a brand framework based on the university’s core values. Subsequent phases involved building on this initial framework to design the supporting structure of the overall brand concept and creative expression.

Who worked on the brand?

Stakeholders from inside and outside the university, including faculty, administrators, alumni, students, parents and staff were all involved in the creation of Florida State’s brand.

What departments were involved?

All departments within the university were invited to participate and represented in the branding development process – participants included individuals with expertise across the integrated marketing and communications mix.

Why did the university use internal resources?

Using internal resources allowed the university to develop a truly authentic brand that speaks directly to its core values, beliefs and goals as an institution of higher education.

How long will the university use the brand concept?

The brand concept will stay relevant for as long as the core values of the institution remain unchanged. However, the creative concepts will continue to be refreshed to remain effective.

What will happen to the current brand guidelines?

The existing brand guidelines will be updated to reflect the newly established brand. These updates will include additional information and resources that will make using the university’s brand a quicker and simpler process.

What is the timeline for developing the brand platform?

The development of the brand platform took approximately 18 months to fully complete – the process included the adoption of an integrated marketing and communications infrastructure, which provided the foundation for the brand development process and best use of resources, expertise and support.

Who is leading this initiative?

The Office of University Communications has been leading the branding initiative.

Do we need to have prior approval to create marketing materials for my college, department, unit or event?

A brand review process has been established to assist stakeholders in their efforts to uphold the university’s brand and archive branding efforts for future use. This process was streamlined as much as possible to ensure branding projects are able to meet established deadlines.

How will the university measure success of this branding initiative?

Success of the university’s branding initiative will be determined by Florida State achieving certain goals. Among the goals attainable through an integrated marketing and communications strategy is to raise awareness of and appreciation for the university, increased funding for research and creative discovery, increased levels of unsolicited donations, higher levels of alumni engagement, the continued recruitment and retention of top-tier students and faculty, and an enhanced level of pride in the institution by its various constituencies.

Where and how can I provide feedback?

Feedback on the brand and its components may be provided by contacting Brand Review personnel at brandreview@fsu.edu or members of the Communicators' Network at communicatorsnetwork@fsu.edu.

Considering the financial challenges facing the university, was this the right time to be focused on this initiative?

Since internal resources and expertise were used in the development of the brand, the cost to the university was modest and allowed for the creation of a truly authentic brand as well as online resources and training.

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