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FAQ: Co-Branding

We’ve been using our own logo for years, why do we need to use the new wordmark?

The new wordmark is designed to provide a unifying symbol for the brand. Through its use, your unit will be clearly identified with Florida State University.

How much did it cost to adopt the new brand?

As stated previously, the new brand components (wordmark, etc.) are not meant to replace the Florida State seal or athletic symbols in areas where those are appropriate. As such, most existing items (business cards, letterhead, etc.) will not need to be replaced. Likewise, letterhead and other materials will not need to be replaced until existing supplies are exhausted, so adoption of the brand should not incur a significant expense.

How do I use both my college, center or department’s identity with the new wordmark?

A comprehensive guide for incorporating the new wordmark into your unit’s identity can be found at unicomm.fsu.edu/brand/

We are celebrating an anniversary or special event and need a special event logo. Are there guidelines for this?

Yes, the branding guidelines at http://brand.fsu.edu provide information for these types of circumstances. In addition, you may contact Florida State brand champions with specific questions at brandreview@fsu.edu.

We already have a university “brand” – why change it?

Currently, the university brand actually is comprised of a number of brands – in fact, more than 150! This initiative is not so much an effort to change the brand as to unify it.

Why do we need to integrate with the university’s marketing and communications effort?

When it comes to a brand, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The university as a whole benefits when each of us express the same “look and feel.” Florida State will be better equipped to move forward with an updated, strengthened and, most importantly, unified brand.

What is the university’s name?

Florida State University is the only official name of the institution. Preceding the university’s name with “The” is not necessary.

How was the new wordmark developed?

The Creative Services staff within the Florida State Office of University Communications developed the wordmark. After coming up with an initial set of concepts, university stakeholders and constituencies provided feedback, which provided direction on changes to these concepts. Revised workmarks were then presented to key audiences and their reactions guided further refinements.

How did the brand development task force consult with university stakeholders on the components of the brand before they were launched?

The task force conducted a series of focus groups and listening sessions with various stakeholders and representatives of audiences to gather feedback on each of the brand components. This feedback was used to further development and refine brand concepts and creative expression.

Which stakeholders or audiences were consulted through this feedback process?

Focus groups and listening sessions were conducted across a variety of groups during the duration of the brand development process including external and internal stakeholders, faculty, staff, students and alumni: Members of the Communicators' Network, board members of each of the university’s Direct Service Organizations (Alumni Association, Foundation and Seminole Boosters), International Programs directors, Student Government members, Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce executive board, and university alumni.

What happens to other university logos that are currently in use?

Ideally, the distinct wordmarks and logos used by units of the university will be phased out and eventually replaced by the new brand components.

Can I still use the logo of our college, department or center?

Despite having a voice and visual system in place for the past five years, more than 250 logos and identities were created – resulting in a confusing and inconsistent university identity.

One of the main goals of the branding effort is to raise the profile of the University using a consistent visual representation across all schools/colleges, departments, units and research centers and institutes. The new wordmark allows for all units to be co-branded with the main university visual identity.

What about the university seal?

The university seal may be used within the context of those materials, events, etc. where the use of this more dignified symbol is appropriate. Additional information and usage examples are on the Brand Resources website.

We have several funding sources and need to know how to include our funding agents’ logos in our communication materials?

For materials that include the logos, wordmarks or other identifiers of multiple organizations, the size of the identifiers for other organizations should not exceed the size of the Florida State wordmark. Consult the guidelines at unicomm.fsu.edu/brand/ for direction on the use of multiple logos.

Can I create a version of the logo for my department?

An important goal of the branding initiative is to decrease the number of logos affiliated with the university. Consequently, you are strongly advised to not create a logo for your department. If necessary, contact the Creative Services unit of University Communications for assistance.

How will the new wordmark be used on university websites?

Wordmarks will remain in place as long as the imagery reflects Florida State's values and mission in a way that is authentic and genuine.

How much is this initiative costing the university?

The brand initiative was developed collaboratively using all internal resources. About $20,000 has been spent to support this initiative.

Our unit has staff working on marketing and communications. What resources are available to help implement the new logo?

Brand-related resources are available online at unicomm.fsu.edu/brand/. In addition, members of the University Communication office are available to collaborate with you and your colleagues on the successful implementation of the brand components, including the logo.

What is going to happen to our existing supply of letterhead, stationery, business cards, brochures, etc.?

Florida State is recognized as an efficient and resourceful institution that ascribes to sustainability initiatives. It is therefore appropriate to exhaust existing supplies of letterhead and other items before ordering materials that reflect the new brand components.

How do I obtain stationery with the new brand?

Stationary templates that include the new brand components are available on the Brand Resources website.

Will digital templates be available?

Currently, the Brand Resources websites has a limited set of digital templates available, but as additional digital materials are developed, templates will constructed from these materials.

Will the university be changing its website address and email addresses?

No, the branding initiative has no effect on the university’s website or email addresses.

What about the directional and building signage on campus?

The university’s Facilities Maintenance unit is responsible for campus signage and their adoption of the new brand will lead to it being incorporated into campus infrastructure.

Who is leading this initiative?

The initiative was initially championed by a Brand Task Force, which was composed of individuals from the University Communications office and the Communicators' Network.

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