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FAQ: Images

What is the difference between a wordmark, a university seal and a logo?

A word mark is typically a text-only graphic of an institution’s name, while a logo uses a graphical image to establish an identity or brand. The seal is the traditional, formal image of the university and should only be used for official purposes such as an issued diploma.

Why can’t we use athletic logos for everything?

Athletic logos are brand components of the university’s intercollegiate teams and therefore convey the values and beliefs of the athletic programs. In addition, they are trademarked and copyrighted by Seminole Boosters, Inc. and can only be used with their permission. Since athletics is just one entity of the university, its brand components do not appropriately extend to the academic side of the university.

Where can I find information and guidelines on how to use the wordmark?

Information and guidelines on the appropriate use of brand wordmarks, logos and the university’s seal are available online in Applying the Brand

What does it mean when an image is “trademarked”?

A trademarked image indicates that it has been officially registered and legally restricted to the use of the university.

Where can I get information on which images are trademarked?

The brand guidelines website contains information on which images are trademarked.

Where can vendors find information on the university’s brand and use of images and trademarked images?

Vendors are encouraged to visit Florida State's Brand Guidelines for information on how they can use Florida State’s brand platform. Information on brand components specific to Florida State athletics is at http://licensing.fsu.edu/.

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