Florida State University Seal

University Communications



While using the exact brand colors may not appear important at first glance, it’s an essential element of a marketing campaign or specific project. Using the recommended colors within the brand approved color palette amplifies the university-wide communications efforts and invokes consistent visual identity. See the official Florida State brand colors below for reference.

These colors are adaptable to most uses across all forms of print and digital communications.

FSU Garnet Color

FSU Gold Color

FSU Gold Color

FSU Gold Color

PANTONE (Spot Printing):

Garnet: PMS 195 C

Gold: PMS 7502 C

Black: PANTONE Process Black C

White: no ink

C/M/Y/K (4c printing):

Garnet: 19/90/50/55

Gold: 6/14/39/8

Black: 0/0/0/100

White: 0/0/0/0

R/G/B (Video):

Garnet: 120/47/64

Gold: 206/184/136

Black: 44/42/41

White: 255/255/255

HTML (Web):

Garnet: 782F40

Gold: CEB888

Black: 2C2A29


MADEIRA (Embroidery):

Garnet: 1385

Gold: (1305)

Black: 1000

White: 1002

ROBISON-ANTON (Embroidery):

Garnet: 2496

Gold: (2570)

Black: 2296

White: 2297