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An Update Regarding the Official Name of the University

As the process to develop and launch a university-wide comprehensive brand platform nears completion, this is the first of several updates to provide you with information as we work together to strengthen Florida State University’s reputation, and enhance the recognition that this great university deserves. We wish to express our appreciation to the more than 65 faculty, staff and students who have contributed to this process thus far.

The following provides an update regarding the official name of the university (Florida State University).

Phase one of the current brand development process included a review of the current brand guidelines (Voice and Visual System) in use for the past five years, which promoted the use of "The Florida State University."

However, the official name of the university remained "Florida State University", as referenced in the university policies. Likewise, the official seal of the university continued to correctly articulate the official name of the institution as "Florida State University."

As consistency is essential to enhancing the national and international reputation of Florida State and our commitment to the “Top 25” university strategy and the $1billion fundraising effort, the transition to only use the official name of the university "Florida State University" will be initiated later this semester.

We understand the transition will require months of lead-time, preparation and coordination. As part of this transition, we encourage you to exhaust existing stock. Once the transitional period starts during Fall 2013 – if there is a need to replenish stock, we ask that new orders use the official name of the university (Florida State University).

We also understand that this change will affect current and future web content development for individual colleges, schools, departments and units and look forward to working with everyone to ensure a smooth transition. We are working with IT Web Services to inventory the use of “The Florida State University” on official university web site – and to replace these references with the official name.

Use of “FSU”

Over the years, “FSU” was used on first reference in promotional and advertising content. While Florida State University is recognized in the athletics environment as “FSU”, there are a number of higher education institutions that also use “FSU.”

We encourage you to use “Florida State University” on first reference and “Florida State” there after.

Available resources

The Office of University Communications is available to assist during the transition period. In addition the on-campus UPS Store services is working with University Communications to assist in this process.

Additional resources

We also understand that faculty and staff may have questions, and we are available to provide in-person updates. Please contact Tony Archer at aarcher@fsu.edu or 850 645 9941.

Thank you for your efforts to support this transition, as we work together to strengthen the reputation of our great university.


Liz Maryanski
Vice President, University Relations